Key Point to Improve PES 2018

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    Key Point to Improve PES 2018


    Current installment of KONAMI’S football videogame PES 2017 has been praised and acclaimed by both fans and critics, but even when it’s halfway of its productive life, lots of fans are already wondering how the next installment will be and if it will be a best seller compared to the current one. Even when this year KONAMI’s videogame offers an amazing gameplay, the current game play modes are not enough to please all the community; this is often related with this year’s low sales.

    I’m a curios guy so I decided to go online on blogs and all social networks and most of Pro Evolution Soccer fans are happy and pleased with the latest installment because of it's amazing gameplay but at the same time there's a general concern between the fans due to the decrease of game's sales year by year. The question is…

    What can KONAMI do to increase sales? How can they bring back all the players who left the company?

    Most people respond to this question saying that KONAMI needs to focus and create new game modes. The My Club mode is generating lots of cash for the company but Master League and Become a legend are still treaded as a secondary feature by the company.

    Lots of hardcore Pro Evolution Soccer fans love the offline modes. M.L. is still the people’s favorite but it had just a few improvements this year and B.A.L has been changed a little between last year’s installment and the current one.

    In conclusion, KONAMI has everything to keep competing in the market. It has one of the best and supported communities in the world, amazing gameplay, an almost perfect edition mode but is missing new game modes. They are just missing that. They need to take risks to create something never seen before in a soccer video game. Remember that we have nothing to lose making requests like this on social networks and blogs and maybe someday our voice will be heard.

    That would be it for today. We will be back shortly with more content and remember to leave your comment to be included in future blogs. Most sincerely Luis Diego Arrieta.

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    As long as konami keep this gameplay most fans will be happy, but there are things that need to be improved such as free kicks, advance skills and of course the whole online experience.
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    This is something that is screwed up in this version of the game. I never could convert and now I have even done it twice in a day. I´m certainly proof that there is something wrong with them.
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    On my end I would add that urgently PES needs to improve its gameplay (scripting wise) by getting rid of it!
    The online experience gets screwed up when "scripting" hits the match. Either on your favor or against you.
    Plus, PES needs now ( not on PES 2020, not in ten years from now) DEDICATED SERVERS.
    Please Konami, hear us out!!
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    Not sure if I’ll be here ten years from now so please do hurry up
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